rehabilitationPatients who are recovering from an injury, surgery or a medical event such as a stroke receive comprehensive rehabilitation therapy to return them to their highest level of health and activity. Rehabilitation services combined with excellent nursing care result in the best possible outcome for our residents.

Our therapeutic approach

Our therapists are very aware of the challenges residents face when they begin a course of therapy to regain skills and abilities. It can be tiring and discouraging at times. That’s why our therapists take a kind and steady approach to motivate each resident to progress and recover as much as possible after an injury, medical event or surgery.

Physical therapy

Our physical therapists treat residents with both firmness and encouragement as they progress with the hard work needed to regain strength and mobility after an illness or surgery.

Occupational therapy

All the work our occupational therapists do with residents has one aim: to help residents eventually manage as independently as they can the activities of daily living. Occupational therapy includes therapy to facilitate walking, dressing, bathing, and other common household activities.

Speech therapy (includes swallowing therapy)

A plan of therapy is developed for each resident to foster improvement in communication and swallowing, as needed.

I.V. therapy

A plan can be implemented to provide I.V. therapy services when needed.